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Richard Mudariki exhibits at Sanlam Art Lounge, Sandton, Johannesburg

This retrospective show of paintings by Richard Mudariki, a rising star in the contemporary art world, is bound to wow and raise some controversy.

Sanlam Art Lounge, 11 Alice Lane, Sandton

Mutara Wenguva - “Time Line”: Paintings by Richard Mudariki, at the Sanlam Art Lounge, Sandton

25 July – 9 September 2017
Daily 12:00 - 16:30
Saturdays 10:00 - 13:00

Richard Mudariki is one of SA’s rising stars in the contemporary art world. This retrospective exhibition drawn from private and corporate collections, presents a unique opportunity to assess the development of Mudariki’s painting over time and to view new paintings produced exclusively for this exhibition.

Representative of a growing impetus towards figuration and social comment in South African painting his works been avidly collected in South Africa and are starting to attract attention in the United States the United Kingdom and Europe.

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