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South African National Gallery and Sanlam Art Collection add paintings by Richard Mudariki to their collections

South Africa's premier art museum, Iziko South African National Gallery and leading corporate art collection, Sanlam Art Collection, have acquired paintings by Zimbabwe born, Cape Town based painter Richard Mudariki.

Iziko South African National Gallery recently added the painting "Economy of Scale" to their permanent collection. The painting, which was exhibited at the recently held Investec Cape Town Art Fair, is a comment on state of the world economy. Hayden Proud, Curator of Historical Paintings and Sculpture at Iziko Museums, has said of Mudariki '... a figurative painter, (he) remains insistently his own man at a time when installation, conceptual and photo-based approaches are the dominant, internationally current modes now being practiced by others within his own generation...'

Another painting 'The Model' that interprets the #RhodesMustFall protests in Cape Town in 2015, was added to the permanent collection of the Sanlam Art Collection. It joins a comprehensive collection of over 5000 artworks housed at Sanlam Ltd head-office in Belville, Cape Town. Curator of the Sanlam Art Collection, Stefan Hundt praised Mudariki as having 'forged a successful career as a painter in a very competitive contemporary art scene in South Africa.'

'I am thrilled to have my work included in such prestigious art collections. It increases ones confident to know that their work is being recognized' said Mudariki

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